BiPlanes Revival

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(Splash screen upscaled by punchingdig)

It's a PC recreation of an old cellphone game "Bluetooth Biplanes" 

(originally developed by Morpheme Ltd. in 2004)


- Crossplatform

- Easy matchmaking using peer-to-peer connection

- Play with your friend using secret password

- Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay

- Hardcore mode: one-shot kills + more clouds for cover

- Automated statistics system keeps track of your efficiency

- Sounds and sprites can be modded

Written in C++ from scratch using sprites from original game

Graphics: SDL2

Netcode based on Simple Network Library
from "Networking for Game Programmers" by Glenn Fiedler

(author moved to other domain and reworked his site so the link is now broken)

This project mainly focuses on multiplayer gameplay while preserving original feeling of controls & physics.
Singleplayer is considered a last priority and to this day it's still not implemented, which may change in the future.

We also have a game page at

How to build on Linux : 

sudo apt install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev
cmake /path/to/sources

Assets folder should be placed next to executable

How to build on Windows (Code::Blocks + MinGW ) : 

1. Download SDL2 development libraries:


If you already have SDL2, make sure it's 2.0.10 or newer.
Older versions have Windows-specific bug which may cause movement lag.

2. Download and install CMake

3. In CMake:

a. Specify paths to BiPlanes sources and build folder.
b. Click "Configure"
c. CMake will show error "Could NOT find SDL2"
d. In SDL2_PATH variable specify path to your unpacked SDL2:
for x86: SDL2-x.x.x/i686-w64-mingw32
for x64: SDL2-x.x.x/x86_64-w64-mingw32
e. Repeat steps b-d for SDL2_image and SDL2_mixer
f. After configuring is finished, click "Generate"

4. Open and compile generated Code::Blocks project in build folder. 

Instead of compiling with default Code::Blocks MinGW compiler it's recommended to use newer MinGW-w64.

5. Copy following .dll files from SDL2.../.../bin to game executable folder:

  •  SDL2.dll
  •  SDL2_image.dll
  •  libpng16-16.dll
  •  zlib1.dll
  •  SDL2_mixer.dll

If you want to launch game on different PC you also need to provide libwinpthread-1.dll from mingw32/bin

6. Make sure that 'assets' folder is placed next to executable.

7. Launch game and try to defeat somebody!

Screenshots :

Bandicam 2019 10 06 23 39 54 536

Bandicam 2019 10 06 23 31 58 886

Bandicam 2019 10 06 23 31 19 453

Gameplay :